Saturday, January 10, 2009

Vocation Awareness Week

...second post of the year! :-P
This year I'll try to post more often... This week I'll also try featuring a quote or prayer each day by a saint about vocations (kinda). Anyway, for this special week, here's a handful of helpful websites if you or anyone else you know is considering a vocation, or even thinking of discerning a possible vocation to the priesthood or religious life... if you know any other ones, please leave a comment!

Holy Vocations Blog: A group blog consisting of people discerning a vocation. I would really recommend the introductions... plus the articles about the religious communities, and the reflections, oh! And the updates, and.... There's a loooong list of vocation links on the sidebar as well. Besides all the really awesome information it has, I especially enjoyed the testimonies, and a few other videos as well. There's also a Personal Guidance part where you can ask your own questions about vocations and have them answered by a priest.

Do I Have a Vocation?: Excellent articles about vocations... I'm still looking forward to reading some more... An earlier article was really helpful to me because I usually bake a plateful of cookies for the Daughters of St. Paul as gifts...

Vocation-Station: A blog consisting of many inspiring vocation videos, usually about a specific community. Really fun to watch, but my computer sometimes has a hard time loading up...

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