Sunday, March 29, 2009

Possibly the last post until Easter....

:-) Here's something that I got from an email. I also heard it during a homily once...

An elderly woman had just returned to her home from an evening of church services, when she was startled by an intruder. She caught the man in the act of robbing her home of its valuables and yelled: 'Stop! Acts 2:38!' (Repent and be baptized, in the name of Jesus Christ, so that your sins may be forgiven.) The burglar stopped in his tracks. The woman calmly called the police and explained what she had done. As the officer cuffed the man to take him in, he asked the burglar: 'Why did you just stand there? All the old lady did was yelling a scripture to you.' 'Scripture?' replied the burglar. 'She said she had an Ax and Two 38s!'

Always Say A Prayer

Hopefully that's a good enough Lenten Reflection for now.... until then.... :-)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

25 Things meme

25 things about me...? Ouch. That's a lot.

25 things meme~

1. I’m only 4’10. >_< I even thought I was 4’11. I always forget that inches are 1-12, and so I accidentally told someone that I was 4’8. And it was for deciding where I was going to sit at the Chrism Mass at the choir. (nooo I’m gonna be in front!! :-P ) oh well…:-P
2. I look like a ten-year-old, according to one of my friend’s little brother. :-P
3. I wanted a sketchbook for Christmas, and I got four more 0_0 (it was partly my fault for showing my artwork to my aunty from the mainland.)
4. I don’t like bubble drinks too much. I mean, I do like them, but they give me a headache, and/or I don’t feel too well after I drink one.
5. I saw Jurassic Park more than two years ago, and I still think it’s scary. :-P (well, it is!!)
6. I drive two of my siblings nuts when I play a soundtrack from a movie aaalll over and over again. (B-but it’s my favorite!!)
7. I like soundtracks. I like them just as much as I like regular music….it fills up half of my ipod space and I want to put more but there’s no more room. :-P
8. I don’t like playing certain types of jazz on the piano. Even if I do like the music (sometimes, it depends…), I will not likely play it.
9. I never get the time to email a long message to anyone. It takes me forever….:-P But I’ll gladly read the ones that are sent to me.
10. On my twitter page odd people were/are following me. And I didn’t even know that some familiar people have one!! (does anyone out there have one too??)
11. I do better when performing than practicing for violin, but for piano, I do better at recitals, private practicing, than actually doing it in front of my piano teacher.
12. I’m thinking that 25 things about me is a bit too much. (It’ll be one looong post!)
13. I'm thinking what else I could write/type about myself...
14. I know! I talk more on forums, yahoo chats, and blogs than in real life. :-P Maybe it’s easier because I have more time to think about what I’m going to say…than just staring at the wall and mumbling something…So if you want to talk to me, give me an email, comment, or something. :-) Depending on how well I know the person, I possibly would take the time to talk and joke/play around with someone in real life. :-P
15. Some people might think I have a quiet imagination, but I don’t. I just like keep my stories and ideas to myself. ^_^
16. I have a bad habit of cleaning up after someone else’s mess. :-P
17. I think highschool is hard (who doesn’t? :-P ) and merciless. -_-
18. I’m part Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese, Spanish, and something else…and possibly Japanese, but not likely.
19. When I was little I looked very Chinese. In fact, more Chinese than Filipino. Visiting relatives used to say that I looked like Mulan (they don’t call me that anymore). I don’t know what happened to me now…
20. My hair changes color. And I don’t dye it. It used to be the same color it is now when I was about four, then it turned lighter, then to auburn and really really light brown. And now it’s just brown.
21. My four other siblings and I don’t look alike unless you see us all together with our parents.
22. If I hum a song all over and over again, that means I really really like it, even if I don’t say that I do.
23. I play the violin but I don’t have a real one. :-P It’s hard to explain… but I know I’ll get another one in the future! :-D
24. I have sooo many blog awards but I never like to put them on my side bar except for one, which was the first one that I ever got…I think. (I’m not gonna tell you which one; you’re gonna have to scroll down there for yourself! :-P :-) )
25. I’ve acquired the nicknames (so far, from family and friends :-P ) : ‘Little sister’ (from my older brother who is a lot taller than me…) ‘Aunty’ (don’t ask me why…okay fine, I’ll tell you why. My brother made up this game…n-nevermind. -_-) ‘Statue’ (we were rehearsing for something, trying to give an example to someone else or something…? Anyway, a Sister just grabbed me and told me that I was to pretend to be the ‘statue’ and then from that moment, whoever was present at that time called me ‘statue’ O_o , ‘Dot, dot, dot’ (why? Because … :-P Don’t ask me to explain that…) ‘Da artist’ (another one my brother dubbed me -_- …it’s the one I don’t like to be called.) ‘Aurelia’ (it’s a long story…:-)) and CT (I’ll have you guess why! :-P ) Yep. I’ve got a lot of nicknames! ^_^

k…I tag:
Pueo! (haha! Again! :-D you’re officially my tagging buddy! :-P :-) )
And who ever wants to do this!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Laughing with the Saints

Fr. James Martin has got to be one of my favorite saint authors!! :-D

Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

^_^ Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ipod Survey meme

Well, I found this over at Trina's blog, so I thought I'd give it a try :-)

Ipod Survey
1. Put your iPod on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

1. IF SOMEONE SAYS "IS THIS OKAY?" YOU SAY? Porcelain heart (By BarlowGirl) Okay…
2. WHAT WOULD BEST DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONALITY? What Child is This? (VeggieChristmas) What? Christmas?
3. WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL? I Will be Here (Renee Bondi)
4. HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? This is Home (Switchfoot) Well, I am at home at the moment…
5. WHAT IS YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE? Unto us a Son is Given (Michael Card) Another Christmas song??
6. WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO? Any Way (By Point of Grace)
7. WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? Million pieces Kissn' Your Cares Good-bye (Newsboys) o...kay… ?
8. WHAT DO THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN? Go! Go! Go! (A soundtrack from an old game :-P )

9. WHAT IS 2+2? Angels We Have Heard on High (Sung by the Daughters of St. Paul) More Christmas Songs!! At least I avoided the math problem…
10. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BEST FRIEND? On My Own (BarlowGirl) Don’t get it.
11. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE PERSON YOU LIKE? All About Love (Steven Curtis Chapman) O_o
12. WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY? History (Matthew West) O…kay.
13. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? Made to Worship (Christ Tomlin) Wow!
14. WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE THE PERSON YOU LIKE? Do it again (Point of Grace) Don’t get it. Could you repeat the question?
16. WHAT WILL YOU DANCE TO AT YOUR WEDDING? Fight (Point of Grace) Yikes…I guess not…
17. WHAT WILL THEY PLAY AT YOUR FUNERAL? How Beautiful is the Body of Christ (Twila Paris?) Aww…that’s such a pretty song!
18. WHAT IS YOUR HOBBY/INTEREST? Keep the Candle Burning (Point of Grace) I don’t collect candles. Unless it's talking about b-day candles, well...
19. WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST SECRET? We (Joy Williams) Wow. It’s like I totally avoided the question.
20. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR FRIENDS? Heart-Shaped Tears (yet another soundtrack) Huh?
21. WHAT'S THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN? Burg (another soundtrack) it’s yet another happy one…so… :-/
22. HOW WILL YOU DIE? Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble (Sonicflood) Yikes...0_0
23. WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU REGRET? Keep Quiet (BarlowGirl) :-P -_- :-( Not!
24. WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH? Happy (Ayiesha Woods) Yaaayy!! It made sense! :-D
25. WHAT MAKES YOU CRY? Meribia (another soundtrack) It’s a happy one…again
26. WILL YOU EVER GET MARRIED? Still Calls me Son (John Waller) ?
27. WHAT SCARES YOU THE MOST? Fire (Krystal Meyers) Well, it’s not my worst fear, but yes, I can get scared of it sometimes.
28. DOES ANYONE LIKE YOU? Nocturne for piano No. 2 in E flat major (Chopin)
29. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT? Fatalize (soundtrack…) No Comment!!
30. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TODAY? Lift up your hands (Sts. Peter and Paul choir) Yes, I’ll probably do that when my brothers ambush my room. :-P
31. ARE YOU A GOOD DRIVER? Here I am (Michael W. Smith) I…have no idea.
32. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO? Sing your praise to the Lord (Rich Mullins) Cool!
33. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF FOREVER? Harder than the first time (BarlowGirl) I don’t get it.
34. ARE YOU AN OPEN PERSON? The Prayer (Josh Groban) I don’t get that one either.
35. WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME? God is Good All the Time (Various Artists unknown) Yay ♫ ♥
36. HOW ARE YOU FEELING RIGHT NOW? Say the Words (Various Artists unknown)
37. HUGS OR KISSES? Miraz Crowned (soundtrack from Narnia Prince Caspian) Yikes…
38. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? Sweet Revenge (BarlowGirl) That is not my favorite color
39. Will YOU GO FAR IN LIFE? Porcelain Heart Acoustic Version (BarlowGirl)
40. WILL YOU EVER HAVE CHILDREN? White Mask Mystere's theme (soundtrack…) I'm avoiding that question too… :-P
41. WHAT WAS/IS HIGH SCHOOL LIKE? Down (Point of Grace) Haha -_-
42. WHAT IS SOME GOOD ADVICE? He Will Carry Me (Mark Schultz) Yay! HE will carry me!
43.WHAT IS THE LAST THING YOU WILL SAY BEFORE YOU DIE? Trust in the Lord (Jaci Velasquez) WOW.
44. WHAT IS THE LAST THING YOU WILL DO BEFORE YOU DIE? Love Song for A Savior (Jars of Clay) ^_^

I tag Pueo (you can just use your computer instead of an ipod) and all the other teens who haven't done this!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sidebar update

Okay, I just finished updating the 'Great blogs 2 visit' gadget! (took me sooo long to finish that...) I also added a poll, so please be sure to vote! If someone I know is out there and has a blog, and commented here before, and I haven't added your link, please let me know so I can add you to the 'great blogs to visit' links. Or, if you're going down to the sidebar to check the blog links, please also check the blogs I'm following because I'm terrible at remembering these things... :-P

Also, I might change the image behind the blog title. It's not because my sister said it looked 'dark and creepy and could scare readers off' (Gee, thanks 'Francisca Clare' :-P it was early morning when I took that picture in the church...) but also because of the reason that I like to change things around once in a while (if I ever get around to it and if I ever ever remember :-P )
Anyway... thanks so much to those who said that this template looked nice! Like I said, I really liked it, particularily because it was blue (or dark blue...) :-P so I think I'll keep it this way for a while. :-) I'm also adding on another quote gadget, this time for books. It'll be mostly from fiction books, because most of the quotes on the sidebar will be saint ones.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Strange settings...

I'm going to experiment with new templates, updates, and change things around (my sidebar, quotes, and links all need a good update :-P ). Some of the sidebar elements will be taken out, and changed by other quotes, images, and stuff... Your opinion is welcome on which template looks/matches best :-)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lenten Reflection?

Okay...this is my first Lenten post ever! (I think)... Anyway, I can't say too much about it that you probably don't know... So please forgive me if you don't understand a word I'm saying! :-P
I'm pretty sure everyone gave up/putting up with something/doing something extra for this Lent. What was yours? Mine, among other things were: No naps (I never get to sleep anyway, with three monkeys bouncing in the house), no sweets (a really common resolution), no video games (a new one my siblings and I decided to do this year) and extra homework :-P. Of course, extra homework is probably/currently the hardest. Anyway....there could be a lot of things that I could offer up or give up something else and add that to my list. I could say that I'm giving up TV. But I never and hardly ever watch TV. Um...okay, let's think of a more simpler one...I know! I could say that I'm giving up coffee! But I don't drink coffee. Maybe my mom would let me have a sip, but that is rare. Now that wouldn't be very nice! Or I could say that I'm putting up with the heat down here in Hawaii(if there ever was right's cold! :-P). But I'm used to it, so it wouldn't really matter for me. But we might want to be careful with resolutions like that. (eg: Giving up pastries for breakfast because you hardly eat them anyway) That probably wouldn't exactly be a resolution.
Updated: Yikes, I totally forgot to write about my whole point of this subject!! Anyway, what I'm really saying is, that the number of resolutions we make is not the point of the whole Lenten Resolution thing. Like if someone ever made up some resolution that's too easy for him or her to make, just to get competitive with someone else's number of resolutions, or even boast about it, then their first resolution may very well be humility! (ha, try boasting about that :-P ) Making Lenten Resolutions isn't a game to see who can give up the most and tell the whole world about how hard you've been working. What are resolutinos for, then? Well...I'll have you think about it.

And, we might want to be careful with other people's resolutions. (It's not ours, so don't keep telling them that they're breaking their Lenten resolutions!) Did you ever hear that story about a kid who kept on saying that he was giving up chocolate for Lent, but in the end he couldn't stop eating it, and his sister kept on scolding him for breaking it? It's something like that.

Of course, Lent is only forty days. But during the season, it may seem more than just that. Well, there's forty days of Easter! You can try, after both seasons are over, think over which season was easier/seemed shorter to you. Probably Easter :-P. But think of it! Weren't you soooo happy when Easter finally came around? Did you feel like you were set free or something? :-P Lent would be over, and you probably would drop your Lenten resolutions, but it's not exactly over yet.

I can relate it to the hard time I had in the marathon (yes, I felt very tired too). Around the first few miles I felt okay. But when we got halfway I was aching all over, from head to toe. I really really wanted to start begging Sr. Jerome (who was really kind and amazingly patient enough to drag and take care of two kids who has never walked 8+ miles in their lives as fast as she was walking) to at least sslllowww down or something! But what she said at the start of the marathon was painfully true. Stick to a certain pace; don't slow down or stop, or it would really get painful and much harder for you. I didn't really get it at first, but it's actually true. If we ever slow down (like break a resolution so many times) during Lent it's gonna be harder and harder to get back on track.
And after we were finished, we were soooo happy! Of course, in my mind (and my brother's), we imagined that after all those miles we conquered, we would finally be able to rest. Unfortunately for us, it was not. We had to walk around the whole Stadium to get our bus back to Downtown (unless we wanted to walk back...Nooo!!! :-P). One of the priests noticed my brother's panting and sighing, and said that after 8 miles walk, this was nothing. My brother, of course, did not seem happier.
What does this have to do with Lent? Well, after Lent we can't just simply 'drop' what we've learned and come to understand. We continue the path with more love, fervor and zeal in our hearts, and even more better.
Kind of like in our video games when we defeat a hard boss, get a lot lot of cool stuff, especially experience, and are so excited to continue to use all what we got for further use. And then, of course, after that happens, we don't want the story to end, and keep on going. It's like that.

Sorry all the topics are totally mixed up... :-P Hope that made sense to some reader...

Six Things Meme

1.) Link to the person who tagged you.
2.) Post the rules on your blog.
3.) Write six random things about yourself and things that make you happy.
4.) Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5.) Let each person know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6.) Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Okay...I think Cy tagged me, I posted the rules, wrote six random (okay, maybe not really random) things, um...I followed half of the rules!!

1. Baking! I love to bake, especially if it’s for someone else. ^_^ Cookies, pancakes (okay, maybe that’s not baking, but still…), cakes, brownies, and muffins. I’ll bring my baking goods (only if I have time to bake them first) to any meeting, outdoor activity, potluck, celebration, or any occasion for just having a good time. My parents even said that I should do a bake sale, but I just don’t have the heart to sell my cookies…They can have it for free! If it makes them happy, I’m happy too. ^_^

2. Little kids. I really don’t know why little kids like me too. They seem to all crowd around me and tell me all about random things like their video games, sports, and stuffed animals, and what they want to do in the future (like one of them said that he wanted a big graduation party where everyone would dance to disco music until they passed out). …It’s really interesting and fun to hear. One of them even said and thought that I was 10 years old…Maybe it’s because I look like one for the 4th time. :-P …and maybe I act like one too.

3. Jogging time…Every week my aunty and uncle take my brother and I to the beach park, where we jog about 5+ miles each time. I really enjoy it because it’s like the only time I get to daydream by myself and get away from the noise of the house, besides bedtime of course, but that doesn’t count.

4. Drawing. It’s also another time I get to be in my own world, and day dream or listen to music (such as soundtracks) while I do so. Charcoal, pencil, and prefer to use mechanical pencils for another kind of style. I’m still a beginner, so I really hope to improve my skills. ^_^

5. Soundtracks! I really really like listening to them. Especially if it’s a movie (or video game) I have already seen. Not necessarily one that I didn’t like, only if I liked the music I’ll listen to them. I’ll even try to find the notes on the piano and add chords if I don’t find the sheet music or score. I don’t know why, but if the soundtrack song is stuck in my head, and I keep humming it all over and over again(and drive my siblings crazy), that means I like it, even if I don’t say that I do. ^_^

6. When I’m in the mood to play the piano…okay, that was really random, but really! I accomplished my first original piano piece (by Beethoven) when I was in that ‘musical mood’. And only in a single week. Again, I’ll only do that to music that I really like, especially if they’re soundtracks. I have to slow down though, when I figure a piece out on my own in that mood. ‘Cause sometimes my piano teacher takes advantage of that, and assigns me to an extra hard piece, and challenges me to compose my own music…-_- *sigh* I don’t think I can do that…

Aww…why can’t there be a 7? I’d put ‘cameras and taking pictures’ if there was…^_^
I tag:
Agnes (only if you want to :-) )
...And whoever hasn't done this meme yet!