Saturday, January 17, 2009

last day of the week...

"Perhaps you and I will find ourselves soldiers of the same regiment, travelers on the same road, bound for the same destination. May His holy will, not ours, be done! Leave your future in His hands, in the heart of Jesus made man. Remember that he too was once a young man, for Jesus Christ is the God-child, the God-youth, the God-man, the God of all ages." ~St. Theophane Venard. His feastday is...February 2nd...I think. :-P

Prayer to Mary Mother of Vocations

O Mary, receive me among those whom you love, nourish, sanctify, and guide. It was you who accompanied Jesus throughout his life. Be with me now as I seek to know God's will. Help me to listen intently to his words of eternal life. Help me to say yes to all that he asks of me. Mary, you have always guided me with love, I now entrust myself entirely to you.

Hope you all had a great week... pictures from Patron Saint Index, the first half of the week's prayers from here, and the rest from a lot of holy cards I was given by the Daughters of St. Paul...

PS~ I didn't post this, or any of the other posts at 6:00 AM for real...:-P ;-)

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GrandmaK said...

Please pray for Kelly, a friend of ours, as she is visiting an order in New York (Brooklyn) this week discerning her call. Thank you. Cathy