Saturday, November 6, 2010

Random thought for today

Okay, so here's what happened (a couple of months ago) after the 12noon Mass. :) I was talking to my friends - little kids, really sweet, crazy, imaginative, creative, and just, well, wow. :)
And so, the second youngest little girl from this other close family friends of ours, comes up to me and gives me a present for my birthday (It wasn't my birthday yesterday).
So, she goes, "Here you go, for your birthday."
Me, "Oh, that's so sweet of you! Do you want me to open it?"
Little Girl: "Umm, if you want to." But you can tell, though, that every part of her is basically screaming 'Ohh my GOSH! Just OPEN IT ALREADY!!'
And so I open it. And I find a beautiful angel pin inside the tightly folded and taped white paper, with laces and a few beads and some sort of golden thread material. And there's a sparkly blue plastic flower in the middle.
Me: "Ohhh, it's SO pretty!! I love it!" *hugs little girl*
And so the little girl beams, so proud of herself as she then says, "I found it on the floor."
I'm a little dumbfounded when she says this. This is a little girl who has five (did I mention crazy?) brothers, and only one baby sister. But she was SO proud of herself!

I mean, seriously, why is it that only little kids see the beautiful awesomeness in the littlest of things? The simplicity?
'Kay, so I have two little siblings - when they see something beautiful lying around on the floor, they keep it. In their treasure chest, jewelry box, or whatever.
I think that's what God does to us sometimes. He sees us on the floor, lost and alone, and is quick to save the beautiful thing from being trampled...And keeps it in a treasure box, His Heart. :)

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