Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"I opened the gospels at random, and the words my eyes fell on were these: 'Then he went up on to the mountainside and called to him those whom it pleased to call; so these came to him.' There it all was, the history of my life, of my whole vocation; above all of hte special claims Jesus makes on my soul. He doesn't call the people who are worthy of it; no, just the people it pleases him to call."

~Therese de Lisieux

Her feastday is October 1.

Prayer to Saint Joseph to Know One's Vocation
O Great Saint Joseph, you were completely obedient to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Obtain for me the grace to know the state of life that God in his providence has chosen for me. Since my happiness on earth, and perhaps even my final happiness in heaven, depends on this choice, let me not be deceived in making it. Obtain for me the light to know God's Will, to carry it out faithfully, and to choose the vocation which will lead me to a happy eternity.

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