Sunday, July 20, 2008

WYDH retreat!!! :-D

The WYDH retreat (18-20) was amazing!! I forgot in my earlier post that I was going to bring my camera (actually my dad's camera) to the WYDH retreat and actually post some pics! :-D So here they are!!!
(they're not exactly in order...and I'm not posting any faces....)

Here's the chapel at the retreat center where all the retreatants (is that what you call them?) spent most of the time (besides their rooms)! Isn't it nice? :-)

Anyway, there we had adoration, morning and evening prayer, Benediction, and where (I noticed just now that the schedule is right beside me!) we prayed all four mysteries of the Rosary, Catechesis(es?), a bit of journaling/writing, singing, Sunday Mass, and also Confession. One of the best parts was that there was adoration anytime from around 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. when it ended. I knew that some of those teens actually got up from bed around 1:00 a.m. or so, and spent at least half an hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament! Too bad Cy and I didn't stay overnight... we could've done that! :-)

In a field (I don't have a picture of it, sorry) we did separate groups of the Stations. Not the Stations of the Cross, but the Stations that was after the Passion and Death of Christ. We were told that the early Christians did this practice when the Stations of the Cross was not made yet. (not sure but I think it was made around St. Francis of Assisi's time... I think?) And we did a procession through the field too! Carrying our candles as a symbol of the light of Christ into the darkness of the night, all the teens and children quietly, but joyfully made a procession through the field, lighting the way for each other. It was really nice! :-D (Too bad I forgot the camera inside Cy's bag!) There was also supposed to be a Eucharistic procession around the field as well, but it rained right before it started, during the time for Confession.

I got soaked waiting, or rather, looking for a line to go to Confession. There were 6 priests, I think, all scattered around the retreat center close by the chapel. So I went around (since Cy went off to another place close by), looking for a line, (since the ones inside the chapel were long) and then went outside. It was a light shower at first when I stepped out of the chapel. After just a few steps it began to rain harder, and harder and harder! Most of the teens who had waited in lines that were outside ran back in the chapel. I was going to follow to, but I couldn't help but just stand there and get all soaked by the cool rain! It was really fun, actually! Anyway, my bag started to get soaked (there were books inside of it), so I went back inside the chapel. At least the lines were shorter now! :-) After I stood in my place in that line, the rain slowed to a stop. Hehe, I was really tempted to go back out to get soaked again if it rained harder! :-D But I didn't. Some of the other teens wanted to play outside in the rain too! :-) So... not so dripping wet anymore, I went to Confession inside the chapel where some of the teens asked me afterwards, "How was the rain?" :-)

Catechesis, choir, and songs!

Everyone started out kind of late (and also because it rained and the field was all wet), most of the schedule was changed. Some bits and parts were taken out, and the Catechesis and songs took longer than they were scheduled to be. But I'm glad theywere! Everyone enjoyed them so much! It was definetely one of their top favorites of the retreat! The catechesis were said/taught by Vince Ambrosetti, a musician, singer, composer, and missionary! You can read more about him here. Everybody loved his music, singing, and ministry! :-D

The rest of the choir was wonderful too! There were three of them, I think, Vince Ambrosetti, Steven Vitale, and Ruben Galabeas. All of three of them are muscians, singers, and composers. We even got to sing their songs at the retreat! Everyone participated, sang, and even danced and clapped to their music! :-D We also got to sing all over again and all over again the main theme song for this WYD, "Receive the Power", the same one that the people in Australia sang! :-D

On the 2nd day, there was even a concert. Some teens from the other islands sang songs, from Ave Maria, As I Kneel, to even a song that was from a commercial... I think? But I heard that the message was good. :-)

Break time!!

That was also one of the youths' favorites. After the Catechesis, they would scatter everywhere! They'd go into their rooms, outside, downstairs, and up somewhere on the mountains! Although it was announced, I noticed that not all who participated in the retreat actually came downstairs (all together) during break time to watch EWTN (yaaayyy!!!) for the Papal Mass and other things there. Oh! And there were snacks too!!! (on the right side!!) :-D

Also during break time, some of the teens explored the retreat center, wandered around the grassy and rocky areas, and climbed up and down here and there.

Then later on in the two evenings, we all went to dinner :-D. Since Cy and I weren't staying overnight, we brought our own food.

(Cy and I were holding our sandwiches when we took this picture, really!) ;-) Anyway, we ate just outside of the dining area where there was such a beautiful view!

That's on the left side!

And that's on the right! (sorry, I meant the mountain part...) But at least you could see the chapel! :-)

Cy and I got to meet some really nice people and kids. :-) Two of the group leaders even invited us to the second day's dinner and the Sunday breakfast! :-D

In the end of the Sunday Mass, there was this thing called 'commissioning'... I think. The two priests that were there throughout the whole retreat gave everyone medals!

The second pic isn't too clear, but it says: World Youth Day Hawaii "You will receive power when the Holy Sprit has come upon you and you will be my witnesses." Acts 1:6 18-20 July 2008

On the last day (Sunday 20th) our mom and little sister joined us. Our departure had a loooonng delay because mom started to get all caught up in so many conversations! (I bet you teens know how that is!) ;-) But I'm grateful. Now that mom knows about it, I'm (hopefully) going to attend another retreat next month! :-D

Anyway... since Cy and I don't exactly like having our pictures taken, we just decided to take our nametags off to prove that we've been to the WYDH retreat!!!

So hopefully next WYD we'll be able to go to Spain!!! Can't wait!! :-D


Esther said...

Wow!, CT, excellent reporting. I'm sorry Joey and my niece and nephew didn't make it. I thought the kids had to sleep over. I didn't know going home was an option.

Mr. jack said...

Retreatant? Retreater? Retreatee? Retreatite? Retreatian? Okay, let's just go with the first one! Ha, ha!

Great reporting, and thanks for the photos that show the beauty of the place. (I took my parents there when they were here to show them how beautiful it is.) Oh, and I especially liked the last photo!

Charity Therese said...

Hi Aunty Esther!!
Thanks! That's okay, I don't think anyone else knew there that going home was an option too. :-)

Mr. Jack~ :-D Everyone misses going to the Cathedral this week and seeing you! Oh, and they say hi too!!! Thanks, and you're welcome! :-)