Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Martyrs of Gorkum

On July 9th, 1572, nineteen martyrs were hanged by Calvinists for their loyalty to the Pope and for their belief in the Real Presence in the Eucharist.

Adrian Beanus,

Adrian van Hilvarenbeek,

Andrew Wouters,

Antony van Hoornaer,

Antony van Weert,

Antony van Willehad,

Cornelius van Wyk,

Godfrey of Duynen, (a parish priest and was a rector of a school in Paris)

Godfrey of Merville, (a painter, and was a custos (a guard...I think) of the Franciscan house in Gorkum, Holland)

James Lacops,

Jerome of Weden, (a Fransiscan missionary to Palestinian Muslims, and returning to Europe he preached against Calvinism)

John of Cologne, (He had joined the Dominicans in Cologne, Germany, but was unable to wear a habit due to the persecutions of that time. He later became the parish priest of Horner, Netherlands. When the word that Catholics were being arrested in Gorkum, he visited them, and gave them Holy Communion. He was arrested after being discovered, and was even offered his freedom if he would deny the Pope's authority over the Church. After having declined, he was also martyred.)

John of Osterwick, (an Augustinian at Briel, and at Gorkum he served as a spritual director and confessor to a community of Augustinian nuns)

John van Hoornaer,

Leonard Vechel,

Nicholas Janssen Poppel,

Nicholas Pieck, "We must always serve God with cheerfulness." - Saint Nicholas (Known for his cheerfulness, openness, and modesty, he was a priest who also served as a guardian of a convent in Gorkum, and preached against Calvinism)

Peter of Assche,

and Theodore van der Eem.


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