Monday, July 21, 2008

Saints song!

Please visit Sr. Anne's blog at:
and scroll down a little bit for this fun (and funny!) video of the saints. ;-)


Micki said...

CT - Thank you so much for posting this video site. I put it on my Misc. Blog (connection on my "about me" on my holy card blog) and I enjoyed sending it to a priest friend who really has a connection with the saints. Gilbert and Sullivan music was something my dad enjoyed many many years ago so it also brought back fond memories for me. Again, thank you.

Micki said...

PS....I wonder why one doesn't get the chance to click on the "email follow-up comoments" until the second post. If you know, let me know :-)

Charity Therese said...

You're welcome Ms. Micki :-)
Um, I don't really know why. I just know that if you click it the first time, the option probably won't show up again on that same post.... But sorry, I don't really know :-)