Monday, January 21, 2008

Spread the Love Award...

Many many thanks to Aunty Esther, Mom, and Cy for awarding this one to me! :-D

OK, so I will happily pass this award to the following bloggers who I think deserve to be awarded even though some of them already got this one. :-)

Sr. Anne at Nunblog because of all those awesome meditations which of course are like little messages or reminders of His love for us. :-) There are a few Daughters of St. Paul who live on this island but usually what I do to thank them is bake a bunch of cookies for them. ;-)

Aunty Esther at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii!! Lots of great things to read, lots of facts, and lots of love. ;-) Also one of the many bloggers who I actually met in person, and yes, I think everyone would agree (especially my mom) she's full of love! ;-)

Ms. Marie from View from the Pews!! I know she first started this award, but I think she still deserves to be awarded! Why? Go read the blog and find out....:-D

Cy of Therese's Roses and my Mom of Mostly Prayers.....She's my older sister, and then there's Mom....And I think that's said enough. ;-D

Ms. Micki at Holy Cards for your Inspiration!! I think the title says a lot, but please visit her blog anyway. :-D And then you'll see why!!

Well, a loooong time ago (probably last year) there was this nice lady who visited my blog and left a comment on one of my old posts. I read her blog once in a while. If she's still there, then I award Ms. Lily at Never Fading Wood too!! :-D


Lily said...

I am still here, and thank you very much!

Charity Therese said...

You are very welcome!! :-)
God bless!!