Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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Prayer for Vocations
Heavenly Father, bless your Church with an abundance of holy and zealous priests, deacons, brothers and sisters. Give those you have called to the married state and those you have chosen to live as single persons in the world, the special graces that their lives require. Form us all in the likeness of your Son so that in him, with him and through him we may love you more deeply and serve you more faithfully, always and everywhere. With Mary we ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

-Vocations Committee, Supreme Council, Knights of Columbus

Almighty God, Father of all light, Maker of the world, who has made us in your image, seers and makers - look down into the abysmal darkness of our hearts and see the unutterable destitution into which our spirit and our art have fallen, since we have grown blind to the splendor of your truth. O Lord, who once heard the cry of Israel enslaved in Egypt, who delivered the people with great power and led them with your prophet Moses into the desert, send us now people of vision who will open our eyes once again to see your incorruptible light. O Lord, who showed to Moses on the flaming mountain the plan of a perfect tabernacle, in which a fitting worship could be offered to your majesty, send us chosen messengers and teachers, lovers of worship and art, who will restore with chaste and noble works the beauty of your house! May they teach us to see with pure hearts the splendor of your Son Jesus Christ and to express what we have seen in images worthy of so great a vision: through the same Jesus Christ, your Son, your Logos, your Art and your Splendor, in whom all things subsist and through whom, by the power of the Holy Spirit, all are called to be united with you forever. Amen.

-Thomas Merton

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