Friday, May 11, 2007

Favorite song/music meme

Hehehe, it's a meme I made up. :-)

1. Five favorite songs: The Prayer, Say the Name, Come to the Table, You Were There, Listen to Our Hearts....I have much more but it's hard to think about them now.....
2. Three favorite music artists: Point of Grace, Daughters of St. Paul, and Hearts on Fire
3. Three favorite composers: Robert D. Vandall, Robert Mondoy, Mozart
4. Favorite song when you were a little kid: Do I still count as a little kid?:-) Hehehe, anyway it's You are Sunshine
5. Favorite song you wish you could sing: For the Beauty of the Earth, I can't sing it because I'm not a very good singer to sing a nice song like that, plus I can't reach the high notes very well
6. Favorite type of music: Christian music
7. Least favorite song: I don't really have one, but I did this question because I figured that some people would have their answer
8. Least favorite type of music: Same thing as number 7.
9. Favorite music instrument: The piano!
10. Music instrument you wish you could play: The violin, it sounds so nice :-)

I tag:
Pueo, (although you've already done it, I'm just putting your name here but you can do it again if you like)
Mrs. Esther,
and Sr. Anne.

Aren't memes fun?


Esther said...

I am so glad you like memes. I tagged Joey with the About Me meme and he said he was going to tag you and be ....prepared!
I will try to get to t his tomorrow. Thanks for the tag.

Charity Therese said...

You're veeerrryyy welcome!!!