Sunday, May 6, 2007

Favorite Saints Meme

Yay! I was tagged by my sister!

You have to list your four favorite saints, one favorite blessed and someone who think should have been a saint.

St. Therese is one of my favorite saints for many various reasons, but one of them is because her “little way” really helps me everyday. Also because loved Jesus so much that she even asked the bishop to allow her to become a Carmelite sister at the age of 15. She often reminds me to be little too. I once read in a book (which was also shown in the movie Therese) that when she was a novice, she had to clean up a room where there was a spider. (I don’t blame her, I don’t like spiders either!) St. Therese is a great person to look up to and encourages me to be like her.

(Can you read the name on the picture? It says St. Paul.) I once tried to read the book Paul: a Critical Life, but it turned out that I couldn’t understand it very much. So I read a different book about him, Saint Paul the Apostle the Story of the Apostle to the Gentiles by Mary Fabyan Windeatt. It was a book for kids, and I was amazed and inspired of all the things he did. Now I am trying extra hard to pay attention to his letters which are read during Mass. After that, I plan to return to the book, Paul: a Critical Life, and maybe I will understand it more.

St. Bernadette is another one of my favorite saints because was very obedient and faithful to Our Lady even when she told not to. She often reminds me to be obedient even when I do not understand. Like when Our Lady told her to dig a hole in the dirt, wash herself there, and drink there. Even when she was teased for doing that, she was still obedient.

I have a lot more favorite saints but I wanted to include this one. St. Catherine Laboure. Besides loving Our Lady very much, I find her a bit similar to me because she had an older sister that was a great example to her to follow and a little sister that was very different from her but were good friends. And I also heard a story about her that she, when she was young, once entered a baking contest in a fair. She baked a lovely cake, and sure enough, she won first place. But she was not present to claim the prize. Instead of being there, she was helping a little lost boy find his mother. This story kind of reminds me of the Good Shepherd leaving the 99 other sheep to find little lost lamb. And so, I often ask Jesus, through the intercession of St. Catherine Laboure to make my cooking taste good. It really works. :-)

I guess you could know her name by just looking at her picture. But for those of you who do not know her name, it is Mother Teresa. She was a beautiful person, who, for over forty years helped the poor, sick, orphaned, and the dying. She is now awaiting her canonization, which I am praying for.

Does this count? Pope John Paul II is more than likely going to be a saint but I could not find anyone else for this position. I think it was awesome to have a pope like him. He is a great inspiration to my brother, because Pope John Paul was a very active person, and at the same time loved Our Lord very much.

I got the saint pictures from here and here.

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