Wednesday, October 10, 2007

St. Daniel Comboni

"The missionaries will have to understand that they are stones hid under the earth, which will perhaps never come to light, but which will become part of the foundations of a vast, new building." -Saint Daniel Comboni

Studying several languages, theology, and medicine in Italy, Daniel Comboni (1831-1881) was educated at Father Mazza's Institute. He was ordained by Blessed John Nepomuk von Tschiderer in 1854, and became a missionary to Sudan three years later, but unfortunately, because of his illness he left Sudan in 1857. Then from 1861-1864, he taught at Father Mazza's Institute. Then, in the year 1867 at Verona, Italy, he founded the Istituto delle Missioni per la Nigrizia which was for priest and brothers. Daniel also founded Istituto delle Pie Madri, which was for woman who would work in Africa also known as Comboni Missionaries. He founded several more missionaries later.

He was beatified on the 17th of March 1996 by Pope John Paul II at Saint Peter's Basilica, Rome
And canonized 5th of October 2003 by Pope John Paul II

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