Saturday, October 13, 2007

From a letter written by a four-year-old saint

It's not her feast day today, but here's a part of St. Therese's letter to one of her sister's friends written when she was four years old. I couldn't help but admire her childlike way :-)

I have never met you but all the same I love you very much. Pauline
told me to write to you, she is holding me on her knees because I don't know how to use a proper pen by myself, she wants me to tell you I am a lazybones, but that isn't true because I work hard all day playing pranks on my sisters, poor pets, and lastly I'm a little rogue who never stops laughing. Bye-bye, darling Louise, I send you a big fat kiss, give the Visitation a good hug for me, I mean Sister Marie Aloysia and Sister Louise de Gonzaga because I don't know any of the others.

Hehe, who says saints can't be mischievous? ;-)

PS~This letter was taken from a book entitled The Saints Humanly Speaking, and the picture is St. Therese at age 3 and a half, from Patron Saints Index.

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