Saturday, October 20, 2007

Seven things meme

Many thanks to Mrs. Esther for tagging me!

The rule is: Name seven things you like about yourself. :-)

1. I'm Catholic, and attend daily Mass, and I sometimes altarserve when I can. :-)

2. I've got four other siblings, so I could "work hard all day playing pranks on my siblings, and sometimes pets too....Just kidding! I'm so glad that they work hard all day playing pranks on me and Cy, (she doesn't really play pranks on me...sometimes) ;-) otherwise life right now would be very very boring.

3. I can read so many saint books and not get tired of them at all, and I've got a whole shelf of them! I could also read several of saint books above my reading level.

4. Like in Cy's blog, I also enjoy music very much. (but not the weird kind of music)

5. I'm so blessed to have such good friends! Besides the saints, my friends here, and not just the kids, the adults too, (they show their littleness in their own way ;-) ) they show so much aloha spirit and are like ohana to me. :-)

7. I'm able to use my gifts for others. Examples: I make roses out of paper towels that I give to people (like when they're celebrating something). I make leis, shawls, scarves, for my family and friends....and things like that. ;-)

Okay I tag:

um, whoever reads this! :-)


Esther said...

I wish other kids would recognize and value their friends the saints like your family does. BTW, see my message to your sister. Same goes for you too :-)
Thanks for playing. I enjoyed reading yours and Cy's answers. Now only Joey is left.

Charity Therese said...

Thanks Aunty Esther! :-)