Monday, October 29, 2007

All saints' day!!!!!!

It's tomorrow, I know, but I'll have to wake up extremely early that day and so I'll just post this now. I'll probably post some more tomorrow.

It took me a while to figure out what post for All Saints' day. So the post of the day would be several facts and stories (maybe some unknown ones) about some saints and blesseds. So...Happy All Saints' day everyone!!!! ;-D

Blessed Imelda: She is the patroness of First Holy Communicants, and she became a nun when she was about 10 years old. Once she told her friend that she always prayed for this blind man every single day, and shortly after she died, the blind man was blind no more

Blessed Damien: During his voyage to Hawaii, he and the captain played jokes on the other sailors about seeing the equator using the telescope, when the line they saw was actually a strand of hair.

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary: When she was very small, she played games with her future husband's sisters, and always let them win. If she was close to winning, then she would quit the game. She loved God so much that when she played ball, she would throw it towards the chapel so that she could fetch it herself, and be at least close to Him.

Saint Catherine of Siena: She loved to call her friends (the other sisters) nicknames. When the Prioress objected to this, Catherine explained that even Our Lord gave His friends nicknames. (He called Simon- Peter, James and John- Sons of Thunder, and Judas Iscariot- the Son of Perdition.) So, she called her friends: Giovanna was "mad Joan" Alessia Saracini was "Chubby" (which was a bit true though she didn't mind it) and Francesca Gori as "Cecca". Catherine got a name too, (the others gave it to her) "Mamma" everyone called her that, even the ones who were older than her.

Saint Teresa of Avila: She and her older brother always dreamed of being martyrs. They would talk about all the time (beheaded, dipped in boiling oil....stuff like that). Until one day they decided to travel to another place that they sure to be killed off and martyred. So, they traveled, and when they finally reached their destination....they froze right in front of there. They began to have second thoughts.....It was getting late...And then there was a cart pulled by a horse coming by. It was their uncle, and he took them back home.

Blessed Damien (again): hehe, here's another funny one: He and some of his friends at school all wanted to be hermits, so they planned out a date to hide in the forest (because there was no desert) to pray and live there. So when they finally got there, they started to pray......but none of them could handle that kind of life for a long couldn't keep still for long....they became tired and they felt as if the ground was getting hard....and it was getting dark....So one of there relatives found them and they all were sent to bed without supper. :-(

St. Pius X: He called one of his elevator operaters Towhead for some reason.....? Anyway there's several stories and facts about him, but I would like to post a couple of my favorite ones. :-) There were two nuns that were seriously ill (they had an incurable disease), and traveled from their convent to the Pope with high hopes of being cured. After being cured they came back to the coach, but the coachman apologized and told them that he was supposed to bring back two ill nuns back to their convent. It took a while before the two nuns explained to the coachman that the two nuns he had driven earlier were them.

St. Pius X: There was a young child who asked the Pope to pray for him so that when he grows up, he could be a missionary. The Pontiff questioned the child and told him that a missionary was to make many sacrifices, even to become a martyr. The young boy answered that he still would want to be a missionary, and even a martyr if necessary. The Pope knew that God had special plans for this child, so he prayed for this boy. Thirty years later, the same boy was a missionary in China and was given a martyr's death.

St. Anthony of Padua: As young child living in a castle, he did many things a child did: Race with his parents even though they weren't running, run in the hall so that it would echo, drop food down the table during supper for the dog (especially if it was something not so tasty)......

Saint Therese of Lisieux: While still young, her father often spoiled her. Her father continued to spoil her, even after she entered the convent! He sent her good food, lots of fruits, and stuff like that.

St. Edmund Campion: Once, he and another brother were to disguise themselves as a jewel merchant his servant. Edmund was to be the jewel merchant, and during practice they laughingly couldn't get the hang of treating each other as a master and servant.

St. John Bosco: He was like a circus sort of young boy at first. He juggled and stuff like that. He performed for everyone, but he made the fee not money, but prayers. If you wanted to see him perform and bunch of amazing tricks, you'd have to say a few Hail Mary's, or maybe an Our Father....


Mother Teresa: She (Mother Teresa), was named after St. Therese the Little Flower. St. Therese the Little Flower, was named after St. Teresa of Avila! (I don't know what's after that though....)

Saint Francis: He knew a few people who were saints. Saint Dominic (he helped him), Saint Clare, St. Anthony(they were so close to being close friends!) , and St. Elizabeth. (He gave St. Elizabeth his cloak, but they never met)

Blessed Gertrude: She's the daughter of St. Elizabeth. Before her father died (Louis) and before she was born, Elizabeth and him discussed that if her baby was a boy, then he would study with some monks. But, if she was a girl, she would study at a convent which she did. Blessed Gertrude lived a life very much like her mother's.

Saint Cyrenia: Hehe, it's her actual feast day today. She was martyred with Saint Juliana.

Saint Esther: ;-) I looked it up to see if there was one earlier. Her feast day is on July 1.


Esther said...

Is this the same Esther, the Queen? BTW, you really ought to consider writing a book on saints. You are so good at it!

Charity Therese said...

Hi Aunty Esther! I'm not sure if it's the same, I looked it up in a little book that only has the names and the feastday of the saints. Hehe, thanks! I'll think about writing!