Sunday, October 4, 2009

First few days of October...

I know, can you believe it's October already?!!? Time goes by way too fast!

Sorry I missed posting about St. Therese, the Guardian angels, and St. Francis!! I didn't even get to start a novena this year... I was too busy preparing the music for the Masses at my parish, since the choir director isn't here...
Ack, anyway...

St. Therese...Guardian angels...then St. Francis. Seems like those three days are to celebrate and/or think about being childlike. I mean, doesn't it sound like the Guardian Angel prayer is being said by a kid? And St. Therese, wow, she's like the patroness of how to become a saint in your daily life. Little sacrifices each day + lots of love in it x 2 = St. Therese's little way of getting to heaven as a child.
Remember, it's childlike, not childish (that would be just ridiculous :P )
Then the awesome & famous St. Francis... wait, famous?! I thought his goal was to be humble and childlike...?! Um, well, there's this weird joke I made up about St. Francis being the patron saint of our little brothers and sisters... because they can be animals and belong in a zoo. :P Though I suppose only the kids who are the oldest in the family would get it :)
You know how sometimes there's something so necessary in life that we don't realize it until we're lost without it? Like water, or faith, for example. Virtues, of course. And humility... the 'super power' to being childlike in our faith. We all need that ability. St. Francis was a pro at it amoung several who were 'not-so-good' at it, so... look at the results. He's like, one of the first saints that come to our mind when someone says the word 'saint'. But do we really follow his example in everything?
Back to St. Therese... We all know about her little way (mostly, anyway). Do you know someone who's 'humorous' in their own way that they even laugh at their own jokes, and only someone close to that person could get it? I defeintely know a person. She laughs at her own jokes all the time, and me & my sibs are left with this expression on our faces: O_o
I think she is that sort of person. Not exactly someone who laughs at his or her own jokes, but such a childlike person in Christ that they see the joy in all things. She saw the joy in making sacrifices. Her love and joy was twice as great than her sacrifices. Kinda like those "<" signs in math. Sacrifices (<) Love & joy for Christ
I think her love for Christ, shown in her sacrifices, was more important to Jesus than her actual sacrifice. If we do sacrifices with no meaning & offering it to Jesus at all, then that would be pretty lame, because that would be totally pointless. We might ask, "Why in the world did St. Therese do it that way??" She might answer, "Well, I saw that the way to heaven was like climbing a gigantic mountain, so big that I felt like a grain of sand... So I decided to take a little steps at the time." And sure enough, she got there.
Ever heard that little kid song, "Big steps, little feet?" Maybe not... but here's the lyrics:

I've got big steps, little feet
I've got big steps, little feet
I may be small, but HE live in me
I've got big steps little feet!

Yeah. We're all kids. Looking at the top of the pillars where the saints stand, it seems like it's totally impossible to get there too. (No, there's no elevator! :P ) (I like to think of it this way) But there is a way. St. Therese found the back stairwell. :P :) But here's the catch... it's one of those filled up jumpy-castle-little-kid-thingies where you've got crouch down, jump, run, and not look down. Our love for Jesus is the air in the jumpy-castle thing. Without the air, it gets harder, and so much enjoyable :( And Mary is like the mommmy who tells you where, what to do, and how to do it, so that you could go home already! You'd better pay attention to her!! :)

Anyway,You've got to crouch down - bring your pride dowwwnn. Jump, to reach out because God's up there, and we're obviously not tall enough - we know that! & run, just like St. Paul says (I just love that part of his letters! :) ). It's like a marathon, but you're still on the bouncy part of it. Yeah, who cares about who gets there first?! Just finish the thing!! :D Then not look down. Jesus said something similar about that too, in the Gospel a few days ago. "Whoever puts a hand on the plow and looks back, is not fitting for the Kingdom of Heaven."
You all know what happens we look down if we climb a ladder or something... scarryyy... 0_0 Yep! So that's what Jesus said. Don't look back. You might crash into something or fall down! All the kids know that.
...So yeah. That's my imaginitive version of St. Therese's little way. :)

Oh, and by the way... you need to wear socks on the 'jumpy castle' (little way to heaven). (Guardian angels :) ) They really help a lot, even though you may not realize it!

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