Saturday, October 31, 2009

St. Damien relic...

...or soon to be here anyway! :)

Yes! So this is where the relic of St. Damien will be placed on Sunday!! (Nov 1st!) I'm sooo excited, but super nervous at the same time... I heard that there will be at least 1200 people coming to the celebration! There will be 13 Bishops, plus a cardinal concelebrating at the 12noon Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace tomorrow. After Mass, there will be a procession of the relic of St. Damien (which is, btw, the heel...) to Iolani palace, then back to the Cathedral, where it will be placed in that box permanently. ^_^
I've always been sort of 'envious' of other historical churches that have relics, but now that my parish is has one, I'm sooo sooo happy and excited!! (yeah, I'm a great fan of the heroes of God XD )

The Cathedral has been having construction working lately... so there's been some (I mean a lot) of changes; the lights been changed, almost everything was repainted, and the screen and carpet of the Sanctuary was replaced. It's awesome to see the beautiful work done.

I will be helping out during the Mass, so I don't think I'll be able to take pictures, unfortunately... but I promise I will try :) I'll take a pic of the relic (which will probably be in an box too) and post it here. I think I will be participating in the procession as well, so... I'll do my best! Hopefully I'll be able to post aaalll about it the day after! :D


Mr. Jack said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I was really curious about where and how the relic would be displayed. It looks great. I wish I were still there, so that I would have already known about this! Maybe I can persuade my brother and his family to go downtown to see (and venerate!) the relic.

PS. Maybe one day you can do a post with photos of the ongoing renovation to the Cathedral (as well as to the Co-Cathedral).

Charity Therese said...

TY Mr. Jack :)
yeah, you should come and visit soon!
Actually the Co-Cathedral is already finished with its renovation :D I haven't seen it yet, but I hear it looks fantastic. Hopefully I can post a pic of it the next time I go there.