Sunday, October 11, 2009

St. Damien of Molokai canonization!!!!

...No. I didn't go to Rome :(

But whooo-hooooo!!!!!!! He's finally canonized as a saint!

I'm really really sorry I haven't updated as much as I planned to (I actually wanted to post something before the canonization date!). And this is going to be a short post, so...

How many of you out there stayed up (for us in HI we stayed up until 1:-- something in the morning) for the event?? I spent the night in a convent watching the whole thing... and it was awesome!!! Isn't Rome so beautiful! I'd like to go there sometime!

So I promise to post something about him and this month soon... don't know when, but I definitely will :)



Esther G. said...

CT, We stayed up until the Consecration. My mom wanted to stay up for the blessing from our Holy Father but sleep won out. We finished watching this morning.

GrandmaK said...

Most hearty congratulations. Know how you feel as I was able to participate in the Mass at "The Woods" when Saint Mother Theodore Guerin was canonized in Rome. My dear friend Maggie was able to accompany her sister, Sister Mary Lois to Rome for the actual ceremony. Gives me goose bumps!!! Have a grand day! Cathy

Charity Therese said...

lol Aunty Esther, my mom fell asleep too!! :D

Mrs. Cathy wow!! I'd like to visit Rome someday. :) That sounds like a super-amazing-exciting feeling!