Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sidebar update

Okay, I just finished updating the 'Great blogs 2 visit' gadget! (took me sooo long to finish that...) I also added a poll, so please be sure to vote! If someone I know is out there and has a blog, and commented here before, and I haven't added your link, please let me know so I can add you to the 'great blogs to visit' links. Or, if you're going down to the sidebar to check the blog links, please also check the blogs I'm following because I'm terrible at remembering these things... :-P

Also, I might change the image behind the blog title. It's not because my sister said it looked 'dark and creepy and could scare readers off' (Gee, thanks 'Francisca Clare' :-P it was early morning when I took that picture in the church...) but also because of the reason that I like to change things around once in a while (if I ever get around to it and if I ever ever remember :-P )
Anyway... thanks so much to those who said that this template looked nice! Like I said, I really liked it, particularily because it was blue (or dark blue...) :-P so I think I'll keep it this way for a while. :-) I'm also adding on another quote gadget, this time for books. It'll be mostly from fiction books, because most of the quotes on the sidebar will be saint ones.


Esther said...

CT, I made you something. Can you please email me at pick39(at)yahoo(dot)com or have your mom email me?

Auntie E.

Charity Therese said...

Sure Aunty Esther :-)

GrandmaK said...

Very nice!!!! Cathy