Saturday, March 28, 2009

25 Things meme

25 things about me...? Ouch. That's a lot.

25 things meme~

1. I’m only 4’10. >_< I even thought I was 4’11. I always forget that inches are 1-12, and so I accidentally told someone that I was 4’8. And it was for deciding where I was going to sit at the Chrism Mass at the choir. (nooo I’m gonna be in front!! :-P ) oh well…:-P
2. I look like a ten-year-old, according to one of my friend’s little brother. :-P
3. I wanted a sketchbook for Christmas, and I got four more 0_0 (it was partly my fault for showing my artwork to my aunty from the mainland.)
4. I don’t like bubble drinks too much. I mean, I do like them, but they give me a headache, and/or I don’t feel too well after I drink one.
5. I saw Jurassic Park more than two years ago, and I still think it’s scary. :-P (well, it is!!)
6. I drive two of my siblings nuts when I play a soundtrack from a movie aaalll over and over again. (B-but it’s my favorite!!)
7. I like soundtracks. I like them just as much as I like regular music….it fills up half of my ipod space and I want to put more but there’s no more room. :-P
8. I don’t like playing certain types of jazz on the piano. Even if I do like the music (sometimes, it depends…), I will not likely play it.
9. I never get the time to email a long message to anyone. It takes me forever….:-P But I’ll gladly read the ones that are sent to me.
10. On my twitter page odd people were/are following me. And I didn’t even know that some familiar people have one!! (does anyone out there have one too??)
11. I do better when performing than practicing for violin, but for piano, I do better at recitals, private practicing, than actually doing it in front of my piano teacher.
12. I’m thinking that 25 things about me is a bit too much. (It’ll be one looong post!)
13. I'm thinking what else I could write/type about myself...
14. I know! I talk more on forums, yahoo chats, and blogs than in real life. :-P Maybe it’s easier because I have more time to think about what I’m going to say…than just staring at the wall and mumbling something…So if you want to talk to me, give me an email, comment, or something. :-) Depending on how well I know the person, I possibly would take the time to talk and joke/play around with someone in real life. :-P
15. Some people might think I have a quiet imagination, but I don’t. I just like keep my stories and ideas to myself. ^_^
16. I have a bad habit of cleaning up after someone else’s mess. :-P
17. I think highschool is hard (who doesn’t? :-P ) and merciless. -_-
18. I’m part Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese, Spanish, and something else…and possibly Japanese, but not likely.
19. When I was little I looked very Chinese. In fact, more Chinese than Filipino. Visiting relatives used to say that I looked like Mulan (they don’t call me that anymore). I don’t know what happened to me now…
20. My hair changes color. And I don’t dye it. It used to be the same color it is now when I was about four, then it turned lighter, then to auburn and really really light brown. And now it’s just brown.
21. My four other siblings and I don’t look alike unless you see us all together with our parents.
22. If I hum a song all over and over again, that means I really really like it, even if I don’t say that I do.
23. I play the violin but I don’t have a real one. :-P It’s hard to explain… but I know I’ll get another one in the future! :-D
24. I have sooo many blog awards but I never like to put them on my side bar except for one, which was the first one that I ever got…I think. (I’m not gonna tell you which one; you’re gonna have to scroll down there for yourself! :-P :-) )
25. I’ve acquired the nicknames (so far, from family and friends :-P ) : ‘Little sister’ (from my older brother who is a lot taller than me…) ‘Aunty’ (don’t ask me why…okay fine, I’ll tell you why. My brother made up this game…n-nevermind. -_-) ‘Statue’ (we were rehearsing for something, trying to give an example to someone else or something…? Anyway, a Sister just grabbed me and told me that I was to pretend to be the ‘statue’ and then from that moment, whoever was present at that time called me ‘statue’ O_o , ‘Dot, dot, dot’ (why? Because … :-P Don’t ask me to explain that…) ‘Da artist’ (another one my brother dubbed me -_- …it’s the one I don’t like to be called.) ‘Aurelia’ (it’s a long story…:-)) and CT (I’ll have you guess why! :-P ) Yep. I’ve got a lot of nicknames! ^_^

k…I tag:
Pueo! (haha! Again! :-D you’re officially my tagging buddy! :-P :-) )
And who ever wants to do this!


GrandmaK said...

I have to say this was very good...I did learn a lot about you! You're nice! I like you! Cathy

Charity Therese said...

^_^ thanks Ms. Cathy!