Thursday, December 13, 2007

Saint Lucy

"Those whose hearts are pure are temples of the Holy Spirit." - Saint Lucy

She was the daughter of a rich but pious family. She vowed her life to Christ, but later her mother arranged a marriage for her. She was able to have the marriage on hold for three years. Her mother had an illness, and to change her mother's mind about her new faith she prayed to St. Agatha and her mother was cured. Her mother then approved of her life's devotion to God, but her rejected pagan bridegroom did not, and reported to the governor that she was a Christian. The guards went after her, but they could not move her even when the guards tied her to a team of oxen. Her eyes were torn out, and was sentenced to death by setting bundles of wood afire with her tied to it. The flames went out and she was later martyred by the sword. Legend says that her eyesight was restored right before she was martyred.

Dear Sicilian Virgin and Martyr, whom the Church recalls in Eucharistic Prayer I, you valiantly rejected great promises and resisted several threats in remaining faithful to your beloved Lord. For centuries Christians have invoked you particularly when suffering from eye trouble. So now we implore your assistance on behalf of {name of sufferer}. We also ask you to teach us to imitate you and to avoid spiritual blindness of any kind. Amen.

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