Friday, December 14, 2007

Eight things meme

Tagged by Sr. Anne at Nunblog! Thanks!! :-)

The rule is that you have to list eight random things about you, and when you're finished, tag eight other bloggers.
I've done this before (can't remember when though) but I'll do it again and give some different or maybe unknown answers. ;-D

1. I have a wonderful ohana!!!!! :-D Okay, well that's not really unknown, but I just thought it would be nice to post it here. But it was random! hehe...

2. I tell my little brother stories about the saints to make him behave in Church on Sundays. Well, it works!! He loves the story about St. Joan of Arc!! At least something good comes out of reading about them. ;-)

3. You know that DDR (Dance, Dance Revolution) game? (The one with the pads with arrows on it) Yeah, I have a friend who has that game and I can really play it well....or so some of my friends say. ;-) lol! I can only play basic!

4. I play the violin but I'm really not good at it....that's because one of the strings (the E string) snapped when I was trying to tune it...hehehe....;-)

5. My whole family and I are Pauline Cooperaters!!! :-D

6. I like to take pictures with a camera, but I don't really like being taken in the picture by myself for some reason.....

7. It hasn't even been a year yet, but I really like blogging!!! So much fun!!!

8. When some of the older teens in our group are at a meeting or at a fieldtrip, I usually stay with the little kids. Even if I could join the older teens! I just like playing and taking care of the little ones...haha! It pays off too! (but don't tell them that) ;-)

I once again tag all the homeschool teens!!!! :-D
(I'm pretty sure that adds up to eight...I think)
I also tag anyone who would like to play!

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