Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving day meme

I just remembered!!! It's St. Cecilia's feastday today too!!! :-D
*singing the veggietales "That's why I say thanks every day" song*

And......I was automatically tagged by Aunty Esther!!!!

It is a Thanksgiving Meme and it asks: 10 things I am thankful for!

1. I am thankful for life!!!!
2. For my wonderful parents, sibs, and friends....and my whole ohana!!!!
3. For the best gift of all....Christ's love for us and his sacrifice.
4. For all the saints, and our dear mother Mary.
5. For this blog so that I can use it for a great evangelize!
6. That my sibs and I could sing endless praises to Him all day.....And that we live on an island in the middle of a vast ocean.....
7. That I could attend Mass and receive Him just about everyday!!!
8. I am thankful for books, books and more books.....especially the Bible and saint books. :-D
9. .....even though I don't like doing it sometimes, I try to be thankful for school work.....but I'm very thankful that I am homeschooled!!!!
10. That I am discerning a vocation to the religious life.....It is the best marriage that any girl could hope for!

I tag any one who reads this!!!!
Especially Cy!!!
and Mom...if you want to do it...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!


Esther said...

Great responses! Happy Thanksgiving CT!

Charity Therese said...

Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Aunty Esther!!! ;-D

Easter A. said...

Nice answers, CT! Won't you help your poor mother... :-).

Charity Therese said...

okay I'll help you Mom....:-)