Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary!

Weelll, St. Elizabeth is one of Cy's favorite saints, so I'll be posting some special things about her since several people probably already know about her (I hope). Besides the other facts I've posted about her earlier on All Saints' Day, here are a few things. Happy Feastday of St. Elizabeth everyone!!!

Elizabeth and Louis (her husband who is also called Blessed Louis) were so close to each other that they called each other "Brother and Sister."

Louis gave Elizabeth presents, like flowers or a shiny stone, and Louis didn't mind if Elizabeth would give it away to the poor.

Saint Elizabeth wasn't the only saint in her family. Her mother's sister was St. Hegwig, her great nephew was St. Louis of Toulouse, her great niece was St. Elizabeth of Portugal (or called St. Isabel) and of course, St. Elizabeth's youngest daughter was Blessed Gertude of Altenburg, and St. Elizabeth's husband was Blessed Louis.

This is probably the most famous story of St. Elizabeth, but I'll post it anyway. :-)

Starting from a young age, St. Elizabeth had a habit of giving things to the poor. Whether it was clothes, food, money or something valuable, she treated them as she would treat Christ (she once had a vision of Christ when she was feeding the poor). Often hiding the food in her basket or a cloth, she continued this habit for as long as she lived. On one occasion somewhere during the Winter season, she was caught on her usual route by Louis. Unwilling to be harsh on her, he gently asked her what was in her cloth. Elizabeth took a deep breath, and let go of the cloth. To their amazement, instead of bread, they both saw fresh roses fall out! This was amazing since it was during the Winter season and it was way too cold to have roses.


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