Thursday, November 15, 2007

Saint Albert the Great

It is by the path of love, which is charity, that God draws near to man, and man to God. But where charity is not found, God cannot dwell. If, then, we possess charity, we possess God, for "God is Charity" (1 John 4:8) Saint Albert the Great

Albertus Magnus (1206-1280) had a encounter with the Blessed Virgin Mary who convinced him to enter a holy order. Against the wishes of his family, he became a Dominican in 1221 or 1223. He studied theology, and later became a master in theology, and became a theological writer. He was also a teacher to Thomas Aquinas. In 1260, Pope Alexander IV made him Bishop of Regensburg, and he lasted there for about three years. Albertus also preached to the eighth Crusade in Austria. He was greatly depressed when his pupil, Thomas Aquinas, passed away in 1274.
He was beatified in 1622, and canonized in 1931 by Pope Pius XI. He is the patron saint of World Youth Days.
Later, he was named Doctor of the Church.

Dear Scientist and Doctor of the Church, natural science always led you to the higher science of God. Though you had an encyclopedic knowledge, it never made you proud, for you regarded it as a gift of God. Inspire scientists to use their gifts well in studying the wonders of creation, thus bettering the lot of the human race and rendering greater glory to God. Amen.