Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where's CT?

^_^ ok, I'm sure you know about 'where's waldo' or 'I spy' or something... Anyway, here's something a little fun (and inspiring while you watch the real meaning of this video) after all your hard work during Lent. And this is also to make up for the time I have not blogged in a while. -_-
So try (of course, while listening to what the people in the video are saying!!) spot me in the video. (sorry...only those who know what I look like can play... but, um, you can try guessing! :-P :-D ) Here's your clue, I appear at least 3 times in the video. The third one is the most obvious. -_- (Somebody did that! Who did that?? :-P ) Oh right, and in the main page my 'older brother' is in the slide show. :-)

Anyway...the video is about the campaign for our Diocesan Road map for Pastoral, Program and Facility need. To learn more about it...well, watch the video and find out. ;-)
Here's the link to the video:

Please be sure to at least pray for our Diocesan Roadmap!!!! :-D Bishop Larry Silva and many others would be really happy with your contribution of prayers and sacrifices!!!


GrandmaK said...

So sorry I don't know what you look like, but I did enjoy the video! It was very well done and very informative. Thank you! Cathy

Pueo said...

I found you!
They showed the video at Mass today. :-D