Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to my mom! ♥ ♫

Well, I thought that a b-day post for my mom (Easter) would be nice... Actually, all five of us, (my sibilngs and I) are making this post possible.

The birthday cake we overdid for mom!! =D My older sister Cy and I made it. And yes, we used our Easter candies (why not? ;-) )
Since we have plans for today, we kind of celebrated her birthday with our relatives here last night...
What she really wanted for her birthday present was a coffee mug/cup that she (and only her) would use so that we (my siblings and I) won't keep breaking whatever mugs there are left. 0_0 But nooo... we had other plans (mwahaha!!) *sounds of my brother's and dad's evil laughter*
So we went over to the new Target yesterday and got her (the next day, which is today, actually...her birthday).... (drumroll please!)


And yes, it's big. We (my four other siblings and I) all bought it using our own allowance. And the flowers are from our garden!!

And after.
Ta-da!!! Just in case your can't read it, it's actually an empty waffle maker box. And then, of course, we came in with the breakfast. And here are the before and after pics!


Yep! Belgiam waffles (made using the b-day gift we gave to mom) with syrup(and chocolate syrup, but I forgot to add that in the picture), chocolate chips, whipped cream, with pinapples on the side, bacon, and a crunchy cheesy omelette!!
My Dad and Cy are the ones who woke up early (6:00(!) ) to open the box, read the instructions, and cook the belgian waffles, along with the bacon and omelettes. I woke up late. :-P My brothers were the ones to guard mom's bedroom door to make sure she didn't leave her room. (my brother's a lot taller than me, so...)

And after. (she only ate half!)

So after we presented that to mom, we all went into the kitchen and ate our own breakfast. ( she kinda just ate in her room by herself.)


And after.

Note the hordes of bacon. (I don't eat bacon that much. O_0 ) I think we had even more food than what we gave to mom....

Happy Birthday Mom!! =D Hope you enjoy the rest of your joyful day!!!

P.S. Mom, I told you so that I was gonna post this :-P ;-)


Esther said...

Happy Birthday Dear Easter!! BTW, I emailed you at one of your emails...I can't remember which one though.

CT, nice breakfast, beautiful cake. You sure know how to treat your mom right!

GrandmaK said...

Indeed, Happy Birthday! Looks like a grand time was had by all! Your mom is very lucky! Cathy

Anonymous said...

Wonder if you could add my blog to your links?

Pueo said...

Wow! Sounds like a great day!
Happy Birthday A. Easter!

Easter A. said...

What a glorius day that was for me! Thanks for this post, CT. Thanks for all the cooking, Hon and Cy!

How I praise God for all of you!

Easter A. said...

Thanks Esther, Cathy and Pueo!
Love to you, too!

Charity Therese said...

Thanks to everyone who wished my mom a happy birthday!