Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Saint for August 13

Blessed Mark of Aviano

"Blessed Mark of Aviano shone with holiness as his soul burned with a longing for prayer, silence and adoration of God's mystery. This contemplative who journeyed along the highways of Europe was the centre of a wide-reaching spiritual renewal, thanks to his courageous preaching that was accompanied by numerous miracles. An unarmed prophet of divine mercy, he was impelled by circumstances to be actively committed to defending the freedom and unity of Christian Europe. Blessed Mark of Aviano reminds the European continent, opening up in these years to new prospects of cooperation, that its unity will be sounder if it is based on its common Christian roots." -Pope John Paul II in his homily at the beatification of Blessed Mark of Aviano

Venerated on the 6th of July 1991, by Pope John Paul II
Beatified on the 27th of April 2003, by Pope John Paul II

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