Wednesday, September 23, 2009

St. Clare of Assisi (feast of the finding of her body)

(picture) A fresco of 'Saint Clare and Saint Elizabeth of Hungary', Simone Martini, 1317, Cappella di San Martino, Lower Church, San Francesco, Assisi, Italy

"Go forth in peace, for you have followed the good road. Go forth without fear, for he who created you has made you holy, has always protected you, and loves you as a mother. Blessed be you, my God, for having created me." - Saint Clare of Assisi

St. Clare is the patron saint of television... We might wonder why, um, because television didn't exactly exist back then (1194-1253). Maybe theater and plays did, but well, you get the point. There's a story that towards the end of her life she became so ill that she was not able to attend Mass. I don't know about you, but I know what kind of feeling that is. I really don't like missing Mass if I'm sick. Jesus doesn't care if you show up at his house sick - he looks into your heart, not whatever awful disease you have. St. Clare knew that. So after some prayer an image of the Mass would appear on the wall of her cell. Imagine that! I like to think it must've been beyond the HD effects and such. :) But thinking about in today's world... look how much is shown on actual television. Not all of it is the awesome 'better than HD' Mass that St. Clare saw on God's television for her. I wonder what St. Clare would say about television, which she is the patroness of. (I bet she'd love EWTN like my grandma does! She watches it aalll night) It's interesting to think that some of us are looking forward to weird things that show on TV, while St. Clare was looking SO much forward to Mass, like it was the only thing that mattered to her. I don't think she would care much for those other stuff...
So what about us? What are we seeing on television? Maybe we should look up to St. Clare, who only wanted to see Jesus, while we might be seeing things that are not of Jesus. She didn't care about the awful illness that got in the way of going to Mass, (she didn't exactly lie down in bed and do nothing about not going to Mass) all she wanted was Jesus (This time Jesus came to her :) ) Let's put aside our ill desires and seek only Jesus, like St. Clare did.

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