Wednesday, August 26, 2009

St. Adrian of Nicomedia

Not very well-known, but was martyred in year 304. Long time ago... Anyway, he was a pagan officer and body guard at the imperial court in Nicomedia. So you can imagine what he witnessed there. He was so impressed by the faith of the persecuted Christians, that he declared himself a Christian, even though he was not baptized at the moment. Immediately, he was arrested and tortured. In prison, he was tended by his wife (St. Natalia), who (not too sure about this) arranged for his intruction in the faith, until they were finally executed.

Maybe if we actually concentrated during Mass, we'll be able to experience the same inspiration St. Adrian did when he stood around in the courts, seeing that the Christians were more than willing to die for their belief in Jesus. Aren't we impressed by devotion of the people who serve at Mass? What about the priest? By their devotion and faith in Christ, don't they seem to be ready to die for their faith?

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