Sunday, September 2, 2007

Blessed Solomon le Clerq

"As for us, we hold to what we believed ten and twenty years ago; to what our forefathers believed one hundred years ago, and one thousand years ago, and to that which the whole Catholic world has always believed." -Brother Solomon Le Clerq

Although his father, a wealthy wine merchant wished Blessed Solomon le Clerq (1745-1792) to continue the family business, he discerned a call to the religious life at an early age. In the year 1767, he entered the novitiate of the Brothers of Christian Schools. He was a good student, and his piety and deep prayer life was admired. He spent many years teaching in several different schools in France, and later became a director of novices. During the summer of the year 1792, he was martyred along with several other priests and religious.

Blessed Solomon le Clerq was venerated on the 1st of October 1926, by Pope Pius XI,
and beatified on the 17th of October 1926, by Pope Pius XI

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